Year 2 - 2017/18

Dragonflies and Smarties


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Spring Term 2018

8th January 2018

Monday 8th Jan, the Year 2 children launched their new space topic with an exciting show by Squashbox Theatre. The show was called "Universarama" and was all about space!

We laughed from start to finish and learnt so many facts about space. We would like to thank all of the parents who donated recycling over the Autumn term as our combined monies paid for this amazing experience.

A big thank you to Craig Johnson from Squashbox who put on a fabulous show and then followed it up with two workshops for the children.

Autumn Term 2017

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19th July 2017

On Thursday 19th October the children in Year 2 were surprised again with a special visit from Samuel Pepys. 

He sat in Mrs Eddy's classroom writing in his diary and eating his favourite cheese. The children took part in a question and answer session and showed off all they know about this famous man. We learnt how to write in old fashioned writing with a quill and ink and took part in a quiz all about Samuel Pepys. 

What a great way to end our topic!

18th July 2017

On Wednesday 18th October the children in Year 2 took part in 2Parc Eglos does the Great Fire of London". We all took out the Tudor houses that we had made and Mr Pennell set fire to them. The fire service were there to safely put out the fire, with the help of 2 children. We sang 'London's Burning' and watched our houses burn. The children were then lucky enough to all have a go on the hose and look round the fire engine. The fire fighters came into the classroom afterwards and answered all of our questions. Thank you to the fire fighters who came to visit us.

13th October 2017

Here is some fabulous work from Andrew on our current topic - well done Andrew!

13th September 2017

Yesterday the Year 2 children launched their new topic of "fire, fire" with a very exciting event. They went into the woods for a surprise, Mr Pennell lit a fire and talked to the children about fire safety. he also showed the the important triangle of fire. 

WE then saw what happens when you sprinkle Angel Delight over the flames and were lucky enough to toast our own marshmallows. Yummy!!

What a great start to the year. 

Summer Term 2017

6th July

The children in Year 2 have been learning all about Australia. We had a try at imitating Aboriginal Art yesterday and today we have played some Aboriginal music. Here is a video of The Dragonflies playing and dancing like tribes people.

5th July

The Smarties and Dragonflies all had a superb time on Sports Day yesterday. All of the children took part with such great effort and we are very proud of them all. A special well done to the 8 children from Year 2 who ran the first ever long race that we have done! 

A great time was had by all - here are some of the photos!

7th June

The Dragonflies playing bench ball in PE.

5th June

Before the half term break The Dragonflies decided to film their own work out video (using our lovely new camera). We love to dance and often put some music on for wake and shake. The children have great rhythm and make up some of their wn moves. In PE we filmed this, thinking about how a warm up would need to get our blood pumping and also warm up our muscles before exercise. We hope you enjoy it, more importantly please join in!

Watch this space for The Smarties' version :)

24th May

Today the children in Year 2 have experienced what it might have been like to be at school in the Victorian times. We made a list of the similarities and differences between schools now and then. We had a look at a cane, used by the Victorian teacher and talked about the Dunce's hat. 

The children could not believe how strict the teachers were! We tried gruel (porridge) and some of us thought it was yummy.....

We attempted some Victorian handwriting with chalk and chanted our times tables like Victorian children would have done. Here are some of the pictures. 

22nd May

On Monday the Year 2 children went to Flambards Victorian Village. We walked up from school and enjoyed the sunshine on the way. 

We stopped off at the cafe for our snack and then went into the village to explore what it was like living in the Victorian times. We worked in groups to do a quiz, answering questions about each of the places in the village. We found out some really interesting facts. We are experts on what life was like in Victorian schools, just ask us what it was like then and we will tell you.....

Here are some of our best bits!!

11th May

Today the children in Year 2 had a special talk from Mr Pennell about First Aid. He came to talk about how we could help people if they are in need. We talked about dangers, how to call 999 in an incident and put people in the recovery position. We watched two videos about brave children who helped people in need. Mr P demonstrated how to do some simple bandages.  Have a look at our photos.

8th May

Now that the children have experienced their first Flora Day (and what an amazing job they all did) we can get back to our normal PE lessons. In PE today we experienced our first game of rounders. The Smarties and Dragonflies loved this game and work hard in teams to field and bat - a very new skill for lots of us. 

Have a look at some of the pictures taken of Mrs Eddy's class. 

24th April

The Dragonflies, Mrs Eddy, Miss Richards and Mrs Clargo would all like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that came to our coffee and cake afternoon. We raised a whopping £275 for our class camera.

We fully appreciate all of the help and support that everyone gave us on Friday and for the generous donations.

We could not have raised that much money without you!

Spring Term 2017

20th March

On Monday 20th March, Year 2 had a very special visitor. Neil Armstrong (Adrian Chapman) came to talk to us about his life and what it was like to be the first man on the moon. He entered our classrooms to dramatic music and then showed the children a slide show of photos and videos, all linked with the moon landing. We did activities such as make your own water bottle rocket, ordering pictures on a timeline and even a quiz!!

Click here to see the photos of our fantastic day!

10th March

Year 2 in PE have been doing a unit on Dance. The Dragonflies have been working on some movements linked with their Space topic. We chose three themes: rockets, astronauts and planets. The children made up their own routines and this video is our final Dance put together.

2nd February

This is Jenson's lovely follow up work after our trip to the zoo.

30th January

Today we celebrated the Chinese New Year. We made decorations for the hall and had Chinese food for lunch. It is the Year of the Rooster, so we dressed up as chickens and roosters, or in red, gold and Chinese clothing. Year 2 pupils made the window hanging of the rooster.

Autumn Term 2016

8th December

In year 2 we have been learning about acrostic poems in Literacy. Click on the following names to take a look at some of our work. We have included some adjectives and alliteration.






7th December

Mrs Dyer and Mrs Eddy would like to say a huge well done to all of the Yr2 children for the hard work they have put into the play 'The Grumpy Sheep'.

The children have put massive effort into learning their lines and practicing the songs. We are very proud of them all.

We hope that everyone who comes to see our play enjoys it as much as we do!

10th November

The Dragonflies would like to say a massive "thank you" to Mr and Mrs Cockitt for their generous donation of books. We have labelled them all up and now have some much more exciting choices in the book corner for the children to choose and take home. We are very grateful that you thought of us! THANK YOU!!

19th October

On Wednesday 19th October the Year 2 children had a special visit. Samuel Pepys was sitting in our classrooms when we got back from play. He was writing his diary, eating cheese and drinking wine.

Samuel asked lots of questions about the Great Fire of London, which the children all know about!

He was very impressed with their knowledge. He gave us each a quill and some old fashioned writing to practice and copy. We then had a few children dig up his cheese from the garden. A superb day!

18th October

We had our Great Fire of London today...Mr Pennell set the children's boxes alight and we watched them burn!

The children were all very excited.


12th October

The children in Year 2 went to the cooking chalet on Wednesday and they made some yummy "Pudding Lane biscuits". we followed a recipe from William's Great Fire of London book and found out about how to weigh the ingredients.

The children worked excellently in teams to make their dough and shape the biscuits. We took one home each and everyone was very pleased!

23rd September

The Dragonflies have a lovely new outdoor book corner developed by Mrs Eddy. Here are a couple of lovely pictures of the girls enjoying an afternoon read in the sunshine.


12th September

Year 2 have started their topic "Fire, Fire". To launch their topic the children watched what happens when you burn Strawberry Angel Delight. The results are quite spectacular and we now understand why the flames grow and change colour - it is linked with the burning of the sugar. Here are some pictures of Mrs Eddy's class doing the experiment!

Keep an eye out for more exciting news on our Great Fire of London learning.