Year 4


Autumn Term 2017

26th September

Mr Dye has been so impressed by George's work (4PL/HH) that he has been given a special mention. His fabulous work is pictured below. Well done George!

Summer Term 2017

Newquay Trip - to view all the photographs together please click here.

26th May

13.00 Cooking our own lunch on the fire.

10.45 - 12.30

10.00 We had fun with our talent show and outdoor disco last night and we're now looking forward to our last day in the woods. Here we are having our safety briefing before we begin the activities.

25th May



10.30 Another beautiful day and everybody's excited about the surfing!

24th May

21.00 Games before bed and a beautiful sunset.

18.45 We enjoyed our pasty dinner and playing in the play ground.

15.50 More street surfing.

14.40 Street surfing and archery.

14.00 Trying to sink the other teams' boats!

11.30 First activity: a team game - which team can get their hoop to the end of their line first?

10.30 Arrived safely at Atlantic Reach. Having our safety briefing before we begin today's activities.



Photographs of year 4 pupils trying out their pinhole projectors to watch the partial solar eclipse in 2015.