Year 6


Autumn Term 2017

WOW Club!

This term a group of Y6 Boys have been working on their writing with Mrs Dye, see below for some pictures of their work and their visit to Tehidy Woods.

15th November

Re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth.

30th October

Click on the links below to see the splendid year 6 'Song of the Tree Spirit' work.

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4th October

Well done to those below who have produced an outstanding first piece of independent writing. Click on the links below to view their work.

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House Captains


Captains - Charlie S, Darcey L

Vice - Rory D, Lauren R



Captains - Olivia W and Sam P

Vice - Neve N, Curtis H



Captains - Kian W and Ellie P

Vice - Joe U and Poppy E



Captains - Isabelle G, Ethan C

Vice - Phoebe R and Bayley P


Summer Term 2017


During year 6 art lessons (led by Mrs Tostdevine during PPA time), the children have been creating pastel drawings of the Cornish Landscape.

Two of the pictures have been chosen to be painted onto fabric. This will be made into cushions for the class reading corners.


On Wednesday 21st June, twelve children from Year 6 were chosen to participate in a kit car competition at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

Throughout the day the children participated in slalom races and drag races. This culminated in two children from the Parc Eglos teams named 'Timmy Tartan' and 'The Pollen Pursuiter'!), racing against 60 other cars around a mile-long track.

Parc Eglos came 19th out of 62 cars, so I would like to say a massive congratulations and thank you to all the children who took part for their great result and incredible behaviour and attitude throughout the day.

Mr Smith

Spring Term 2017


Liddington Trip

Click here for the 2017 Liddington Trip meeting presentation slides.

Post messages to

Click here for the Liddington photograph page.


Friday 24th March

Message received Friday evening:

A big thank you to all of the teachers. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.


Hi Harry, I hope you are having a lovely time on your school trip? You can tell me all about it when you get home.
Lots of love, Granny Eve.xx

Hi Mazie, really looking forward to hearing all about your adventure. Have a safe journey home. Love you lots Nannie, Grandad, Auntie Vicky and Star xxxxx

Hey Bradlee. We're really looking forward to seeing when you get back. All our love Dad, Mum, Cam, Ashton, Taylor and Elena xxxx 

Hi Chloe. So looking forward to seeing you this evening and hearing all about your time away. We've missed you so much. Dad said he's even missed your cheekiness and the occasional attitude! The house is far too quiet without you. Can't wait for lots of cuddles. Enjoy the last few hours. Love you lots as always, Mummy, Daddy, Chester, Willow and Buster xxx

1145hrs update

Good luck to Mia who leaves today, we hope she has a fabulous time in her new school in Bristol.

Morning Malaika, hope you had a great time at the disco last night and are enjoying your final activities today before your journey home! We all can't wait to see you and give you a huge squeeze, also Freya wants to has some 'crazy time' with you! I currently have some of my ultimate chocolate chunk brownies baking in the oven ready for when you come home and I have bought in your favourite for tea for tonight! It's looks like you've has so much fun and can't wait to hear all about later! Have a safe journey home and see you tonight! Love you loads mum, Si, Freya and Sienna xxx

1115hrs update

The giant swing looks very very scary, it's just a question of how high they dare go!

0945hrs update

The disco went well and not a sound could be heard from the bedrooms after 9.30 apart from the customary snores. The children are a real credit to us all.

The final activities this morning are Giant Swing and Aeroball.

Hey Ruby, I hope you've having a great last morning. It looks like you've been having an amazing time, I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Have a good journey back. Miss you loads, loads of love from Mummy xxxxxxx

Hello Harry, I've been loving the pictures and seeing all of the activities you've all been getting up to. It looks like you had an amazing time with all your mates. Have a great last day and enjoy the ride back on the bus! See you soon . Love Dad x

Hi Ella, hope you had a fab time last night at the disco!
We can't wait to see you tonight and here all about your adventures, so proud of you for doing the vertical challenge! Saw some great pictures on the website of you, looking forward to hearing all about it later.
Enjoy your last day and have a good journey home, see you later for treats! Love you, mum, Russ, Jake & Alan xxxxxx

Good morning Harry and all of year 6! Have a superb last day of fun and making memories with your friends. Don't forget to pack all your things up Harry. Looking forward to seeing you later. Love Mum & Matt xxxx

Morning Zacaman! We miss you so much!! can't wait to see you tonight and hear all about how much you've been doing! Have a great day today and safe journey home love you tons xx Mummy Seb and Maddy xx
Ps just read you did the vertical challenge in 59 seconds Duuuuuude!!! Awesome xx

Good morning Katie hope you have been brushing your teeth while away lol! Hope you had a great day yesterday been looking at the pictures. Looking forward to seeing you later today and hearing about your time there. Safe journey home lots of love Mum, Dad and Jessica xxxx

Good morning Mini Maud, so excited to see you later!!! Can't wait to hear all your news and see all your photos - not a black cab in sight this time we hope? Hope the disco was fun and you didn't wear too much make up! Enjoy your last day with all your friends. Love you lots. Mum, Dad, Sam & Brodie xxxxxx
P.s Some bad news - your brother is on a sleepover tonight so won't see you till Saturday. I imagine you will be devastated!

Hi Joe, Looks like you are having an amazing time. Rosie has moved into your room while you are away J Enjoy yourself and we can’t wait to hear all about it. Love Mum Dad Olly and Andrew xxx

Good morning Lydia, Soooooo looking forward to having you home now, because the laundry is building up, the hoovering needs sorting and the toilets unblocking ;)
We've had a good look through the photos but couldn't spot you anywhere, but I know you were probably too quick up the vertical wall or too efficient with the bow and arrow to be captured on camera! ;) looking forward to all your stories of your adventures there however.
Hopefully you've been warm enough there, if not, a cuddle when you're home will fix that!
Anyway, me and Erin will see you very soon now along with a suitcase full of wet stinky clothes no doubt.
With love, Dad, Erin and Kernow Bear! xx

Good Morning Sam H! Hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the disco. Can't wait to see you later today and hear all about it. Try not to leave anything behind! Enjoy your last morning of activities. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Josh & Anna xxxx

Morning Callum, hope u slept well, enjoy the last morning there, see you later. Lots of love mum, dad & mollie xxx

Thursday 23rd March

Hi Ethan , can't wait to see you tomorrow and here all about your amazing time away, missed you like mad, enjoy your last day, love you, see you soon mummy and Dana xxxxxx

Hi again! Have a lovely last day on your trip - can't wait to see you! Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Ben and Abe xxxx

Hi Joe looks like you're having an amazing time. Rosie has taken over your room. Can't wait to hear all about your trip. Dad, Mum, Olly and Andrew xx

Hey Max! Great pics of you! Saw you in the boat! Busted!!! Lol... I know the boat you were in is fine and you wouldn't get wet!!! Hope your having an amazing time and can't wait to see you and hear all about it! Millie has been counting down the sleeps!!! Missing you heaps love mum xx

Hi Lily, Looks like you have been having a fab time!! I bet you have tackled all the activities with a 100% effort and a smile on your face. We have been thinking of you and we are all looking forward to you coming home to hear all about your time away. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind especially Teds! Safe trip back cant wait to see you x x lots of love and donkeys ears.

Dad, Mum, Mitchell, Josh, Robyn, Jacob, Neisha, Honey, Costa and Nova (and all the other doggies lol)

Hi Harry. Sending you a message from the Desert nearly 3000 miles away!! Hope you've had a great time so far and got stuck into all the activities. See you very soon big lad. Love Dad xx

Hi Mia, hope you are making lots of amazing memories with your friends x loving seeing all the pictures of everyone having fun x. Miss you lots mum, dad and calum xxx

Hello Sam A, dad and l are impressed by the photos looks lots of fun hope you enjoy the disco and have a good journey home can't wait to see you soon ,love us all xx

Hi Bradlee. It'll be time for you to get your groove on in the disco. Have a great time with your friends. You'll sleep well tonight. Night, night. Love you Dad, Mum, Cam, Ashton, Taylor and Elena xxxx

Hi Will. Glad to see that you’ve all had another  great day today- you looked very high up in the photo!   I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.  Enjoy your last evening and the disco. See you tomorrow – Can’t wait !!!!     Love from Mum, Dad, Eliza, Daisy & Bilbo xx :)

Hi Maddie, I hope you are having a great time !! Lots of love from Dad, Jayden and Jaz xxxx

Hi Amy. Almost the end of your last full day. We hope you're enjoying the whole experience and managing to take some photos. Enjoy the disco tonight and your last sleep before coming home. Don't forget your checklist when packing!! Can't wait to hug you tomorrow and hear all about it. I'm sure we'll be in for a long evening although I reckon you'll be ready for sleep after a much needed bubble bath!!

Lots of love and hugs Mum, Dad & Jess xx

1645hrs update

We have some brave children at Parc Eglos, many really pushed the limits to get as far as they could up the vertical challenge!

Hi Chloe. Wow! Looks like you've all been having a really fab time. Activities look great. Hope you've enjoyed your adventure so far, we can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear every little detail. Enjoy the disco tonight, I know you've got the moves!
Missing your beautiful face and witty sense of humour. Love you lots, Mummy, Daddy, Chester, Willow and Buster Xxx

1630hrs update

Zac did the Vertical challenge in just 59 seconds!

Hi Harry, Wow! Looks like you’re having so much fun :) Lovely to see the photos of you on the crates laughing away, we are so glad to see you are enjoying yourself. We are all missing you, Izzy even cried yesterday! I know you won’t believe me, but she really did!! Enjoy the rest of your activities, and the disco tonight.Cant wait to see you tomorrow!! Lots of love, Mum, Dad, and Izzy xxx

Hi Zara, hope you are having a fab time. The photos are great. Hope the big swing wasnt as bad as you had thought!!  Have lots of fun at the disco tonight. Looking forward to hearing all about tomorrow. Lots of love Mum,Dad and Carlxxx

Hi Emma and Sophie.  Enjoy the disco tonight. Can't wait to hear all about your time away.  Lots of love Mum and Dad xx

Hiya Oscar, what a great time you are having .. lots of great activities and we are sure lots of noise, have fun and see you tomorrow, lots of love,  M, D and I xx

Hi Mazie, Hope you are having a wonderful time so far. Its been lovely to see the pictures of you doing the different activities - Great archery technique! Enjoy the rest of your trip, see you soon. Love you lots, Mum xxx

Hi Ella... hope you are having a great time - loved the photo of you abseiling. Enjoy the rest of the trip and see you on Saturday. Lots of love, Dad.x

Hi James. Hope you are enjoying the adventure and I see you are sleeping in the top Bunk! Have a great time at the disco tonight and we will see you tomorrow. Love you loads. Love from mum, dad, Enzo,  lily and jake. Xx

Hi Ben, looks like your having lots of fun! The pictures look great, can't wait to see you tomorrow love and miss you mummy xx

Dear Joe,
Looks like you are having a great time but I think you're hiding from the camera!
Enjoy your last day and show off your dance moves at the disco tonight :D! Loads of love, Mum, Dad, Em, Kai, Betsy and the cats xxxx

Hi Harry, hope you are having a good time son, you can tell me all about it at the weekend. Love Grandad x

Hey Malaikas! Hope your having a fab time! We are enjoying looking at the photos and reading updates! The house is very quiet without you and Freya is at abit of loss and is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow eve! Sienna is still loving balloons! Have a another great day today! Love you always and thinking of you lots! Love you always mum, Si, Freya and Sienna xxxx

Hi Maddie, Hope you are having a good time.We like the photos and you seem to be having lots of fun.Enjoy you last 2 days.
Lots of love from Nan and Pap.

Hi Jake, we're all missing you, it's far too quiet without you!  Freya needs a hug from her big brother, she keeps asking when you're coming home! Amelia doesn't seem as bothered! Dad has moved Buxton and Barney from the house and they now have a new home in our garden at the new house, right outside our back door. No excuses not to feed them now! ;) Keep having lots of fun and we'll see you tomorrow for a great big hug! Love Mum xx

Morning Bradlee. We're certainly missing you at home & it's odd not hearing the Pokemon  tune, as we know you enjoy watching it on tv and YouTube. I bet you are having the time of your life at the moment. Hope the food is good. Enjoy yourself. Love you Dad, Mum, Cam, Ashton, Taylor and Elena xxxx

Hi Harry! Hope you are all having a fabulous time! The photos of the activities are fantastic! Try as much as you can, soak up all the experiences and enjoy every minute. Have a great time at the disco tonight, dig deep in your bag for your clean clothes! Love and miss you lots, see you tomorrow , mum xxxx


1000hrs update

The campfire last night was a real treat for them, it must've worn them out though because they all slept well which the teachers greatly appreciated. Mr Dye's room inspection went really well this morning and apart from hairs in the sinks, he was really impressed and some rooms got maximum points. This morning we are canoeing, zip wiring, doing crate challenge and trying out our skills with bows and arrows.

Hey Monkey :-) hope you are having a lovely time! Can't wait to hear all about your many adventures!! Lots of love mum and pebbles xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Will . Seen the pictures. You seem to be having a great time. I hear from mum that Daisy has been up in your room.  I had better make you a big pasty for when you come home. Rhianne sends her love too. Keep having fun. Lots of love from GBN and GPP. XX

Morning Soaps, Missing you like crazy but glad to see you are all having an amazing time. Not long left so enjoy every second. Looking forward to partying with you this weekend. Loads of love Mum, Dad, Fish and Bob xxx 

Morning Dylan,
Hope you slept well and finally got the message from us. Enjoy the activities you're doing today and the disco tonight. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Thinking of you loads. Love mum, dad and Lottie xx

Hi Ethan, looks like your having a great time, miss you, much love mummy and Dana xx

Good Morning Ruby,
I hope you slept ok, are having a fantastic time and didn't get too wet yesterday. Canoeing looked awesome and no one fell in!!!  Have an amazing day today, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of what you get up to later. Love you and miss you loads. Loads of love Mummy and Jack xxxxxxxxxxx

Morning Sam,

I hope you slept well last night?  It looks like you're all having great fun!  The house is too quiet and we miss you, tonight it's just Isaac as Dad is away too!  Have a great day and we'll see you Friday.  Lots of love mum, dad and Iz xxxxx

Morning Callum, hope ur having a brilliant time, we keep checking for new photos, looks like ur all enjoying it, see you soon, Lots of love mum, dad & mollie xxx

Wednesday 22nd March

Hi Lyla it's mum. I got your card today thank you it was really pretty. I can't wait to see you either. Was a weird birthday without you. Best bit was I spoke to Nanny and she sounded so much better. I spoke to Jamie too who said he was missing you and so bored without you. Will remind him next time you argue lol. Hope you're having fun. Try and master the leap if you do it there. I love you lots xxxx

Hi Rohan! It looks like you are having an amazing time! Missing you lots,
Mummy, callum, paris, tai, jay, derpy, black ratty and grey ratty xxxxxx

Hi Joe, It looks like you are having an amazing  time. The house is very quite without you, Roise has moved in to your room to keep the bed warm. We cant wait to hear all about your trip. Loads of love  Dad Mum Olly and Andrew xxx

Hello Rohan, hope you have had a great day, looks like your having so much fun. Love you lots. Daddy xxx

Hi Chloe hope you are having a fantastic time i love you lots nannie xxxx

Hello Sam H! So you have become a musketeer. Hope the fencing was good fun. Josh has had a very quiet birthday without you here today. Don't worry, we haven't eaten all the cake and will save you a slice for Friday. Hope you are having an amazing time with your friends. Enjoy tomorrow's activities. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Josh & Anna!

Hiya Oscar, sounds like you are having a great time, enjoy yourself, see you Friday, M, D and I xx

Hi Callum, hope you've had a good day, it looks like it in the photos. Missing u loads, very quiet here! See you soon, luv from mum, dad and mollie xxx

Hi Will! Hope you're having a fab time.... we really miss you here. I'm giving Abe lots of kisses from you. Have lots of fun, love you loads xxxx

Hi Macy, Hope your having an amazing time, the pictures we've seen so far look fantastic. Missing you loads lots of love Mum and Dad XxX

Hello Cicely, Hope you're having a lovely time. We're all looking forward to seeing you on Friday.  Love Mummy,  Daddy & George

Hi Harry, Hope you are having lots of fun and have enjoyed all of the activities today. Will look forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Love you lots. Granny Chris and Rosie xx

Hello James, Looks like you're all having so much fun. Granddad and I wish we were there! Buddy and Diesel say they fancy a canoe ride with you. Hope you are able to try all the activities on offer and we really look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Enjoy!
Love nanny and granddad. xxxx

Evening Lydia, TedTed and Pugsly! Wow, those activities looked like great fun today, too bad about the weather but we're glad that it cheered up afterwards.  The weather here has been a bit chilly but the sun has been out, turning it into a glorious day.  Erin had packed lunch today and tried the cheese bagels but her ladyship disapproved, so I've been reprimanded not to get those ones any more!  Erin says hi as does Kernow Bear!  We're having fish for dinner today, your favourite ;) Hope you're eating well there and getting enough sleep, wink wink! Hope you have just as much fun tomorrow as you did today. Love Dad, Erin and Kernow Bear.  xx

Hey Katie! Hope you had a good night last night. Looks like you have all had an amazing day, keep making wonderful memories. Take care love Mum, Dad and Jessica xxx

Hi Will, I was glad to see the fleece in the bunk photos last night!!  Hope you’re having an amazing time, the fencing photos look great.  I couldn’t find Daisy this morning – she was in your room on your chair!  Have a lovely evening tonight - Remember the socks!  Love from Mum, Dad, Eliza Daisy and Bilbo xxxxxx :)

Hello everyone! Seeing how Jamie Robinson only wants me to send him a message to embarrass him, I thought I would tell a joke...hopefully it will make him smile!
What's' black and white, black and white, black and white? A penguin rolling down a hill!
Have fun, love Mum, Dad and Olly x

Hi Lyla, hope you're having fun? Have seen photos looks like you are! We all miss you. Lots of love dad,Jamie, nan and grandad xxx

Hello Sam A, Granny Barry has been here all day and her and Grandad send their love , hope you get a chance to do archery! Love mum dad and your lovely brothers and sister ! Xx

Hey Ella hope you've enjoyed your first day of activities today & you managed to get some sleep last night! Loving seeing all the pictures of you & your 'squad' looks like awesome fun! We are all missing you and Nala keeps looking all around the house for you, she is keeping your bed warm though! Danny is growing away on your window sill.
Have a good time this evening, love you loads Mum, Russ, Jake, Harv & Nala Alan xxxxxxxx

1730hrs update

Crate Challenge this afternoon and lots and lots of teamwork. We saw resilience, cooporation and lots of working together.

Hi Bradlee. It's great to see you were fencing today. We bet that was well cool. Elena was looking for you last night when she did her bed time kisses, she didn't know where you were. Enjoy your evening. Love you Mum, Dad, Cam Ashton, Taylor and Elena xxxx

Hey Chloe. Hope you managed to get a good night's sleep last night ready for all of the activities today?! So glad to hear the weather picked up for you all. 
We've had lovely sunshine today, it's been really nice. I took Buster for a walk up on the cliffs at Gunwalloe before lunch and he was really nervous about jumping over a a step. He just sat there looking at it! You would of found it hilarious. I recorded him for you to see when you get back. The house is very quiet without you - Chester has no one to wind up or bicker with!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventure. Thinking of you all the time. Lots of love Mummy, Daddy, Chester, Willow and Buster Xxx

Hi Hols, Hope you’re having an amazing time.  We Miss you.  Lots of love mum, dad and Izzy xx

Hi Amy. Hope your first evening and night was ok? I slept lightly last night!! We hope you're enjoying your first day? What a shame the weather hasn't been great, keep warm!! How's the food? Is it as good as Jess said? I missed your beautiful face this morning and your lovely voice to wish me a Happy Birthday. Thank you for the card and words you had written. Very special. I've had a wonderful day. Looking forward to Beauty and The Beast tonight. Carry on enjoying yourself and giving everything a go. Very proud of you. Don't forget our weekend of celebrations when you get back. I can't wait!! Oh,and I've printed the boarding passes.....12 days!!! Love you, Mum Dad & Jess xxxx

Hi Zara, hope you are having lots of fun doing the activities. We are all missing you. Lots of love Mum , Dad and Carl.xx

Hi Izzy, hope you are having a fantastic time. We are loving the online updates and pictures, the fencing and canoeing looked good today. Have a great evening and enjoy the rest of the trip, hope you get to do the giant swing. We all miss you lots and love you loads xxxx

Hi James.  Hope you had a good sleep last night. Jake has been looking for you today. Pictures are looking great and I'm sure you are having loads of fun. Miss you, loads of love mum, dad, Enzo lily and jake. Xx

Hello Billy hope you got our message seen your photo of you and oscar ...p.s have found your comb here !!! P.p.s have sorted out easter egg day ...hope you enjoy your secret stash of marsh mellows miss you loads house is too quiet without your snoring :D :D :D love mum and Co xx

Hello Billy, hope your having a great time...we miss you lots ...have redecorated your new room ready for when you return ...see you Friday have fun take care mum xx grandma xx rosie xx Thomas xx anya xx fella xx kathxx and char xx

1500hrs update

The weather this afternoon just picked up a lot and the children really enjoyed the canoeing. Mr Dye was a casual observer this year and there were no disasters. I wonder if these two events are linked?

There will be more pictures of other groups later, once we get the downloading done!

Hi Emma, Granny Oban here. Loved all the photos of the trip so far. Googled Liddington and was very impressed. Hope you are enjoying all the activities. Papa sends his love. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Chloe, Hope you are having a lovely time with your friends. I miss that little smile. Love you more. Nanna

Hi Ben M-J, Hope your first night was ok! I hope you did not keep everyone awake with your constant talking? looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home on Friday, in the mean time have lots of fun. Love and miss you mummy XXXXXX. PS Nannie & Grandad said enjoy yourself xx

1200hrs update

It is a very cold and wet day today, but the children are keeping their spirits up. The children doing fencing got the easier option as that was indoors.

As ever with this group of children, the behaviour has been first class!

Morning Lily Darling , Hope you slept well & have had a good day so far? Already seen the photos.
Funnily enough we happened to pass your school coach just before it turned off - you were fast asleep & we managed to get a photo of you - think some of your friends may have spotted us due to the frantic waving! Looks like you had a comfortable journey.
Fingers crossed the weather stays dry for you & make sure you keep warm, get enough sleep  & most of all have an amazing time away.
Miss you, always thinking of you, love you loads & donkeys ears. Big hugs & kisses, Mum Dad & all the family Xx

To Mazie, Good morning sweetheart hope you had a good nights sleep have a great day today love you loads Nannie, Grandad, Vicky and Star xxxx

Hi Callum, hope you managed to get to sleep last night, have fun today, see you soon, love from mum, dad & mollie xxx

To Zac, Morning dude. Hope you had great night! Have a fantastic day. Love you mate. Mummy x

To Malaika, I miss you Malaika and I'm in your room, we are going swimming when you are home and can you take me the park? Love from Freya xxx

0800hrs update

7.45 was muster and time to listen to the many messages, overall it was a very good night!

Morning Harry, hope you had a great nights sleep and got up in time for breakfast! ... enjoy your first full day there! Love mum xxxx

Hi Mia, hope you had a fab first night and that you got some sleep ready for your first day of activities.  Enjoy making memories with all your friends.  Looking forward to seeing more pictures xx Lots of love Mum,Dad and Calum xx

Tuesday 21st March

Hi Will. Hope you are having a good time. Enjoy all the activities. We will look forward to hearing all about it at the weekend. Lots of love Granny and Grandpa. We will be trying to pick you out in the photos. Xxxx

Hi there Mazie. We have been looking at the photos of you at Liddington and it looks like you are having fun.
Hope the weather is kind for you all and you have a fabulous trip away.. Lots of love grandma and Addoo xx

Hi Sam! Good to see that you have got your Uno game out with the boys.  Isaac is enjoying the peace and quiet but will miss you loads in the morning....who will he have to annoy??  Looking forward to seeing more photos of your exploits tomorrow.  Enjoy yourself, lots of love, Mum, Dad and Isaac (M!) XXX

Hi Moo Moo, hope you had a great first day and night, enjoy every minute, I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Lucas is missing you giving him treats, see you soon, I love you x Dad

Hi Jake, it looks like you're having a great time already. The house is very quiet without you! Your bedroom door is locked so your sisters can't use your PS4, so don't panic! Maybe this trip you might actually wear some of the clothes you've taken with you and maybe, you might even use your toothbrush :) Have a fantastic trip and enjoy every minute of your wifi free time! We all love you loads and can't wait to see you on Friday. Love Mum, Dad, Amelia and Freya xxx

Hello Rohan, hope your having a lovely time. Missing you loads already. Love from

Hi Bradlee, 
We're really pleased you have arrived safely & hope you are having a fun time. Hope you manage to sleep ok, as you've ended up in the bottom bunk. Love you Mum, Dad, Cam, Ashton, Taylor and Elena xxx

Hi Harry, Hope you have a great trip and see you when you get back. Love uncle kevin

Hi Ruby, I hope you have a fantastic time away. I'm glad you arrived safely, I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get home. Have loads of fun babe, I love you millions, miss you already. Loads of love Mummy & Jack xxxxxxxx

Missing you already Joe! Love Betsy xxxx

Hi Sam A, hope your journey went ok and you're settled in, enjoy all the activities over the next few days! We will all miss you even Thomas! Love from mum and dad and Tom, James,Harvey and Olivia xx

Hi Chloe, hope you have a fantastic time. Can't wait to hear all about your adventure on Sunday. Lots of love Nani, Auntie Sophie & Meg xx

Hi Harry, Have a fabulous time. Love you lots. Granny Chris and Rosie xx

Hi Jamie, Have fun and I am only sending you this message as you asked me not to embarrass, so here goes……we love you lots and Olly, your beloved brother misses you! Remember to change your pants and to clean your teeth! Wishing you all in year 6 lots of fun times and happy adventures. Love Mum, Dad, Olly and Ted the dog xxx

Hello Malaika, Have a lovely time away on your school trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it & seeing photos. Love nanny, grandad & Aunty Jen P.S Aunty Jen wants a present bought back

Evening Lydia, TedTed and Pugsly!!! I hope your journey wasn't too wet, horrible and long.  You haven't missed anything back here at home, except Erin is making me watch 'Trolls'........ Again! Your rooms all look good, however try not to stink out your roommates this week if you can help it! ;) 
Anyway, I'll be in touch again tomorrow and I look forward to seeing more of the photos.  In the meantime, don't forget to give everything a try, even if it's just once, make the most of the time there, you'll have great stories and memories of this trip for a long time to come I imagine. Lots of Love, Dad and Erin. xx

Hi Harriet, Hope you are ok, and settled in? We are all missing you, and hope you have the best time with your friends.
Love Mum, Dad, and Izzy xxxxx

Hiya Emma (minimaud), hope your
journey was okay. The house is very very quiet and when we say your name Brodie runs to the front door!! Have a brilliant time and make lots of fun memories with your friends. Love you lots. Mum, Dad, Sam & Brodie xxxx

Hello Sam! Hope you are having fun. Good to see you have got yourself settled in the top bunk! Enjoy this evening's activities and the rest of the trip. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Josh & Anna xxxxx

Hi Ella, I hope you are enjoying the start of your trip to Liddington, enjoy every minute, no staying up too late though.
Have a great time. Love 'N' Hugs Granma Hil xxxxxxxxx

Hi Lyla, hope you have a lovely time, lots of love dad,Jamie, nan and grandad xxx

Hi Amy. Glad to hear you arrived safely. Shame about the weather on the way up, we had a massive down pour during lunch today, huge hailstones!!! Please make sure you layer up if you need to including your hat, scarf and gloves!!! (Still panicking you'll be cold)
I'll check in regularly on here for updates and of course message you again.
Remember do not get in the canoe with Mr Dye, you'll get wet!!!!! Love you sweetheart. Big hugs Mum, Dad & Jess xxxx

Hi Malaika! Glad to see you arrived safely! Have a fab time and look forward to seeing what you get up to! Freya is running around looking for you shouting 'malaika where are you!?' and Sienna is missing her cuddles! Have a great time love you and miss you lots! All our love Mum, Si, Freya and Sienna xxxxxx

Hi Katie, hope the journey was okay have a great first night there! Lots of love Mum, Dad and Jessica xxxx

Hi Chloe , hope you have an amazing time, see you soon love papa and Gillian xxxx :)

Hi James, Hope you are enjoying yourself so far. Have a great time. Can't wait to hear all about it. See you very soon, love mum, dad, Enzo,  lily and Jane.  Xx

Message to Sophie from Joe:

Dear Clown,

Situations here have become bleak. It seems the house has become so quiet you can hear a pin drop at 10 o’clock.
The cats appear to have become deaf with the Sound Of Screeching coming from your room. It's a shame Verity found that One Direction Album.
Your rabbit has become very annoying as Toffee tried to drink my toast and eat my milk. I haven't worked out which way round it is though.
I hope, with great pain, the teachers have not yet found your secret stash of sweets or that your friends have not discovered your disturbingly large nose hairs!!
Your phone has not stopped ringing since you left so I have taken the liberty of replying to every message for you.
Hope you are well....or at least trying to get well.
Cheerio and Bon Voyage!!

Hi Soapy Toes hope you have had a safe journey and have had loads of fun so far. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures as they are put up. Sleep well love Mum, Moustache, Blubber and Bob. Xxx


1550hrs update

It's not yet 4 o'clock and were already settled into our rooms. Soon we will be getting our instructions followed by a short tour then we'll have tea. After that there is an outdoor activity in the evening.

Hi Ethan, have a fab time, lots of love Mum & Dana xxx

Hi Chloe. We hope the journey was enjoyable despite the rubbish weather. Enjoy making lots of lovely memories.

Lots of love, Mummy, Daddy, Chester, Willow and Buster Xxx

To Max I want to mess up your room and sleep in your bed! Love Millie x

Hi Daniella, have such a fab time away! I know your going to have a great time :) All our love Mum, Dad, Ewi, Nanny and Grandpa xx

Hi Harry, hope the journey was fun and that you've had a good start to your holiday. Enjoy your first afternoon of activities, make sure you laugh lots, smile lots and take lots of photos. Love you very much, Mum, Matt , Lils, Marbles & Nibbles xxxx

Hi Max! Have a fantastic time! Missing you already... Millie cried for ages this morning! I may have said that you might bring her back a little something?!! Sorry, but I was trying to get her to stop crying!... love you loads have fun :)xx love mum

Hey monkey hope you have had a good journey up! Frankie has been fixed!! Looking forward to seeing your smiling face in the photos! Love you lots kadie love Mum, Grandma and Grandad xxxxxxxx

Hi Zara, hope you have had a good trip up there.  Love mum , dad and Carlxxx

Hi Will - hope you’re having fun!  Enjoy your first night- I’m going to give D & B a big hug from you!

Have fun – and enjoy the adventure :) Lots of love—Mum xx

1300hrs update
We are already leaving Taunton services. We had our picnic outside but the weather beat us. We have already had sleet, rain and hail. The wind is wicked, but we are all in good spirits and looking forward to an exciting time at PGL, please send your messages through, they will all get read out!

Callum, have a brilliant time, lots of love from mum,dad & mollie xxx

Hello Emma, Granny Oban here. I hope you are having a lovely time and better weather than we are having in Scotland xxxxx love youuuuuuuuuuuux

Hi Bradlee, We are so proud of you and know you'll have a fantastic time doing all the activities. Love you Mum, Dad, Cam, Ashton, Taylor & Elena xxxxxxx

Have a fantastic time Lyla. We will eat some extra birthday cake for you!! Hope you sleep ok. Miss you lots. Mum and Sophia xx

Hi Emma and Sophie.  Happy Birthday!  Have a fantastic time. Enjoy all the activities. Love Mum and Dad xx

Hi Mazie,
Have a wonderful time at Liddington. Love you lots, Nanni, Grandad, Vicky and Star


Click on our names below to read our diary and journal entries, written from MacBeths's point of view following the Battle of Bosworth.


Callum, Chloe, Ella, Gracie, Harriet, Holly, Isabella, Izzy, Jake, James, Jamie, Joe, Joel, Kadie, Katie, Lydia, Macy, Maddison, Malaika, Matthew, Mia, Ruby, SamWill, and Zara.


Amy, Ben, Billy, CicelyDaniella, Dylan, Emma B, Emma LEthan W, Eva, Harry, Jack B,  Jamie B, Leah, Lily, Luke, Mazie, Neve, Oscar, Rohan, Sam A, Sophie B, Sophie L, and Zac.


We are currently studying the Tudors in history and have been learning about the events of the Battle of Bosworth.  The children in year 6 have all made shields and swords and today took part in the Battle re-enactment.  As you can see from the videos below, we had a lot of fun! (If the videos do not play in your browser, please try an alternative one, e.g. Chrome).

Autumn Term 2016


Daniella Alford in year 6 has completed this fantastic arithmetic work and received special praise from Mr Dye.


'Sponsor a Christmas Tree' for the Fisherman’s mission

This is our school’s tree decorated with decorations made by year 6 pupils. It is on display with 50 trees from other schools and businesses from Helston and is in the Methodist church. Free entry - open Wednesday to Saturday (inclusive).


These photographs are of pupils working on a Remembrance Day painting. Their inspiration was the following verse from the famous war poem by Laurence Binyon, For The Fallen:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them. 


LIDDINGTON TRIP 2016 - for photographs click here