The Rs

Characteristics of Learning – the Rs

The Rs represent behaviours and attitudes that help us to become better learners. It is our belief at Parc Eglos that we want to teach children to be able to learn anything they will need to throughout their lives. We build this in school through the Rs.

There are 8 Rs in Parc Eglos for Key Stages 1 and 2. (Foundation Stage use their own Characteristics of Learning.) The original 4 Rs are from Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power and we have developed them to include another 4 Rs following projects run by our teachers. Below is a list of the Rs and a brief summary of them, as well as some display photos from around the school. The Rs are linked to characters to make them more accessible to the children - please click on their names to see more.

Relationship Renfred – learning how to work alone and with others successfully.

Resourceful Rita – learning how to use things around you and previous knowledge to move forward.

Resilient Roger – learning to keep going even when learning is hard.

Reflective Rosetta – thinking back on your learning to understand how you learn the best.

Ready Ralph – getting equipment and your mind-set ready to learn.

Responsible Rashida – understanding that it is your own responsibility to learn.

Rights Respecting Reena – understanding the rights of every child in the world.

Reality Rex – developing your own identity in a global world, celebrating similarities and differences to others and seeing things from a different viewpoint. This is our Global Learning R.

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